Listening to the voice of adivasi children

A 3 year-long project to improve the teaching-learning of science at 500 government schools for adivasi children in Maharashtra, is about to begin. Given the complex nature of intersecting issues, attitudes, structures and fields, the project is bound to be about much more than science. Design, with its practices that are empathetic, reflexive-iterative, multi-disciplinary and holistic, can have a lot to offer to improve the lives of children at these schools. Hoping for a discussion to understand these possibilities.

Anish is an experimental physicist by training and works in science education at different levels. He is trying to bridge the cultures of how science is done (research) and the way it is taught (pedagogy). He is also engaged in figuring out ways to help students find agency and meaning in their studies. Dr. Anish was previously associated with IISc Bangalore.


Posted on 11/10/2017