Campus > Learning Culture

D J Academy is set amidst 21 acres of land in an eco-friendly location, 18 kilometres from the city centre. From the academy one has a breath taking view of the Western Ghats. The academy is housed in an architecturally beautiful building, well-equipped with all the facilities required to sharpen the brilliant minds. The building is designed by Rahul Mehrotra, renowned architect and Chair of the Department of Urban Planning and Design at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design.

Design learning at D J Academy of Design is a round the clock process. Studios and workshops are kept open from morning till late evening. The intensity of learning makes it necessary for the students to stay in the campus. Active participation is expected from each student in Film Club, Reading Club, Weekend Lectures and many cultural activities which take place regularly in the campus. Students are encouraged to learn from the Permanent faculty and the Visiting faculty through both formal and informal discussions, visits to interesting places and display of work. Students are also encouraged to celebrate the cultural festivals of all regions and religions.


Students are inspired to innovate, explore and come up with unique concepts. Many a time, some promising concepts are taken for copyright registration and patenting.


Students are encouraged to participate in competitions related to design, details of which will be displayed on the notice boards from time to time. Learning in the academy occurs in both structured and non-structured ways. Any class project which is innovative is encouraged for design registration or patent application, as the case may be.

Studio-Industrial visits

DJAD regularly arranges visits to Studios and Industries as part of the curricular activities. As part of the Design Yatra, students get the opportunity to visit creative studios to experience their work and environments. Some of the leading studios and industries visited are Icarus Design, Foley Design, Elephant Design, Lemon Design, Vaibav Studio, Kirloskar, TTK, Dove tail furnitures etc. Coimbatore houses several small and medium scale industries where students are regularly taken for study tours and research.

Campus > Academic resources

Library & Resource Centre

The library cum resource centre houses not only well selected books but also films, music, digital resources and product samples for reference. Apart from the vast collections of books, foreign and Indian journals and magazines are also available in the library. The library has digital database and reproduction facilities. The Digital library in the Academy has a good collection of compact discs containing information regarding various aspects of Design management and computer applications. The reading area provides a good ambiance for the students to enrich their knowledge through resources.

Library Timings 9:00 am to 6:30 pm

Media Lab

DJAD’s state-of-the-art Media Lab facilitates high quality film projects and sound recording and mixing. The lab is equipped with industry-standard hardware and software along with a shooting floor capable of handling all post-production functions for professional quality film and sound projects.


The academy has well equipped workshops for students’ use. The workshop is equipped with hand tools and work benches fitted with vices apart from machines for turning, drilling, cutting, vacuum forming etc. A separate marked out area is allotted for a spray paint booth with proper exhaust facilities for the students to work in.
Laser cutting machine is the newest addition to the DJAD workshop.

Campus > Studios

The studio is the place where the students involve in creative work and learning takes place. Unlike the normal classrooms, the studio is flexibly set up according to the design learning requirement, which would give students the ambience to think and act creatively. The studios are spacious and well lit with students’ individual work tables. Studios are equipped with LED TV Screens and WIFI enabled.

Campus > Sports & Recreation

There is a basketball court, football field and a volleyball court for the outdoor games and an indoor table tennis facility. Both the hostels are equipped with gyms where students can workout and maintain physical fitness.

Campus > Residential Facilities


There are furnished hostels, separate for girls and boys. Since Design is round the clock activity, students are encouraged to join the hostels that allows them to put more work. The hostels can accommodate all the students who join the academy. Hostels are equipped with safe drinking water, solar water heaters, kitchenette and gym facilities.


The students’ mess provides quality food for the entire student community. The students are provided South Indian and North Indian food during mess hours.

Campus > Other activities

Design Centre

The Design centre was established at DJAD to cater to the needs of the industry. Design service is rendered by the faculty members who are professional designers. Students also support them in various roles. Client projects may be undertaken in the areas of product design, package design, interiors, graphic design etc. The design centre helps the faculties to keep in touch with the real life industry situations as well as keep one update with skill sets. The design centre has worked for companies such as Pricol Tech, LMW, Sara Elgi, Quattro, T.Stanes & co and Leela Group of Hotels.

Research Centre

DJAD has plans for funded research and publication activity in selected design related areas such as Design Education. Indian Aesthetics, Traditional Design, Universal Design and Future of Design. Selected work of students and faculty will be published periodically.

Campus Talks

Experts in the relevant design fields are regularly invited to the campus to address and engage with student community.

Outreach & Training

As part of reaching out to larger audience, DJAD regularly conducts training programmes, workshops and seminars on Design awarness in other colleges, companies and schools. DJAD’s larger mandate to reach public and policy makers has also resulted in an International Conference on Universal Design (Universal Design & Development, UDAD) in 2015.

Campus > Visit Campus

You can visit the campus during office hours on weekdays for admission inquiries from 9 am – 4 pm.
Students’ work can be viewed at the campus Exhibition Hall.

For educational group visits please mail to