DJAD alumna Samyuktha’s work nominated for Arts and Crafts Design award, 2017

DJAD Alumna and current student at RIT (Rochester Institute of technology), Valluru Samyuktha’s body sculpture jewelry design pieces have been nominated for Arts & Crafts Design award, 2017. Arts & Crafts Design Award is an international, annual competition for all nominated artisans, craftspeople and designer. The primary aim of the award is to honor and support the best ideas and concepts and recognize its excellent realization.

Samyuktha states:
” My work draws its inspiration from relationships of various kinds. It aims at finding its metaphoric expression using our body as a canvas that we often do not realize has a potential more than we can imagine. In my constant attempt to question the importance of wearable art through body, its space & basic functionality as tools for me to build on, I was able to create these kinetic body sculptures using paper, metal and glass. They only move as we move and only change their form as we change our position. All these interdependent features I can build within the architecture of a body sculpture is what I see as a great possibility to create an experience both to the wearer as well as the viewer. “


Posted on 31/10/2017