DJAD awarded IAUD Grand award 2015 in Japan

DJ Academy of Design recently won the IAUD Grand award 2015 (International Association for Universal Design) in the field of Universal Design Education. Our dean Prof. Balaram received the award in a function at Japan for the academy.

The jury’s award citation for the Grand award is as follows,
In the category of Education, The DJ Academy of Design receives a Joint Grand Award for its: Universal Design Education and Development.

“Founded in 2004, the DJ Academy of Design is the only design school in India wholly committed to Universal Design education. Since its inception, it has played a major role in the introduction of Universal Design thinking and practice to the Indian sub-continent. Its Dean, Professor Singanapalli Balaram, and his colleague and collaborator, Jim Singh Sandhu, Professor Emeritus at The University of Northumbria, UK, have together raised international awareness of majority world issues in the field of design, and significantly influenced and shaped the development of Universal Design thinking and application.

The central aim of the DJ Academy of Design is to inspire future generations of designers and thinkers in design and industry, and equip them to develop, apply and implement Universal Design in a majority world context. The vision is to create an integrated and equitable society in the democratic and developing context of 21st century India. A goal to be achieved through a strategy based on championing and advocating Universal Design throughout India and beyond; influencing professionals in design, industry and the public sector; encouraging and supporting the Indian government in the making and implementation of Universal Design policies; and building a research centre and capability at its campus in Coimbatore to support and sustain these activities.

The jury was impressed by the level of energy and commitment shown by the Academy and its key staff, in spreading the message of Universal Design and inspiring other institutions to follow its lead. The DJ Academy of Design has played a crucial role in the development of Universal Design thinking in India by developing extensive international links and collaborations leading up to a major international conference in March 2015, which resulted in a Universal Design declaration and helped further international interest in majority world issues and their impact on design.”


Posted on 05/04/2016