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Life at Design Gurukul

Student Life

Embark on a vibrant journey at DJAD, where gurukul life is more than just academics – it's a holistic experience of personal growth, academic exploration, and lifelong friendships.


A Home Away from Home

Our institute provides comfortable and fully furnished hostels, with separate accommodations for girls and boys. These hostels are designed to accommodate all our students, offering essential amenities such as safe drinking water, solar water heaters, kitchenettes, and 24-hour Wi-Fi access. Additionally, students can enjoy access to gym facilities.
Our students’ mess ensures the provision of quality food for the entire student community. During mess hours, students can savour a variety of South Indian and North Indian dishes, making sure everyone feels at home.
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Green and Serene Surroundings

At Design Gurukul, students enjoy a peaceful and green campus. Since 2004, this Gurukul in Coimbatore has been a favorite for aspiring designers. Coimbatore, a big city in the state, enjoys nice weather because it’s close to forests and mountains. Design Gurukul sits on a beautiful 24-acre spot just 18 kilometers away from the city, offering a stunning view of the Western Ghats.


Learning Creativity and Tradition

At our Design Gurukul, we actively encourage students to organize and engage in local cultural events and festivals, raising awareness and sensibilities towards the environment. Applying the skills learned in class, they take the lead in organizing and celebrating various activities, including festivals, music, dance, and theatre.

Sports &

Encouraging Team Spirit and Wellbeing

Maintaining good health is very essential, and Design Gurukul makes it simple for you. We offer well-equipped gyms to students of all genders, helping you to begin your fitness adventure and improve your overall well-being. Good health comprises both physical fitness and mental well-being. Taking care of your health will increase your energy, improve your attitude, and enhance creativity.


Connecting learning with industry

We bridge academia and the profession by organizing regular visits to leading studios and industries as part of our curriculum. Through the Design Yatra initiative, students have the chance to visit creative studios like Icarus Design, Foley Design, Elephant Design, Lemon Design, Vaibav Studio, as well as prominent industries such as Kirloskar, TTK, Dove tail furnitures, and more. Additionally, Coimbatore’s vibrant landscape of small and medium-scale industries becomes an integral part of our students’ learning experience, with frequent study tours and research activities.


Connecting Traditional and Modern Design

DJAD collaborates with local artisans through the Craft Council of Tamil Nadu (CCTN). Our students and faculty study traditional crafts such as Palm Leaf weaving and Stone carving, collaborating with artisans to create innovative designs. Faculty members also play a key role in training the visiting artisans in Coimbatore on design techniques.


Supporting student mental well-being

In the student journey, particularly during adolescence, the pressures of academics and peer relationships can be challenging. To assist students in navigating these challenges, our qualified and trained counsellors engage with them regularly on campus. They offer guidance on overcoming exam-related stress, sleep disorders, irregular eating habits, homesickness, and relationship issues, fostering a supportive environment for mental well-being.
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