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At DJAD, our resource is the Backbone of Your Educational Journey: Explore the Vibrant World of Our Invaluable Resources.

Library & Resource Centre

Our library is not just filled with books, you will also find a variety of foreign and Indian journals and magazines. The library comes equipped with digital databases and reproducing facilities. The Digital library has a massive collection of compact discs covering topics related to Design management and computer applications. The reading area is a comfortable space for students to enhance their knowledge using these resources.

Media Lab

Our Media lab boasts industry-standard hardware and software, complemented by a dedicated shooting floor that facilitates all post-production functions for professional quality film and sound projects.


Our workshop is fully equipped with hand tools, work benches with vices, and machines for various tasks like turning, drilling, cutting, and vacuum forming. We also have a dedicated spray paint booth with proper exhaust facilities to ensure a safe and effective working environment for our students.

Studio: Creative space

Our studios are where students engage in artistic work and learning. These well-lit and spacious areas come with individual worktables, LED TV screens, and Wi-Fi access to enhance the creative process.

Learning Culture

At DJAD, learning about design is a continuous journey that extends throughout the day and night. Our studios and workshops are designed to accommodate this immersive learning culture. To foster active participation, students are encouraged to engage in various activities, such as Film Club, Reading Club, Weekend lectures, and regular cultural events held on campus.
Our learning environment is dynamic, blending structured and non-structured approaches. Students explore potential projects that may lead to design registrations or patent applications. Industry interactions are seamlessly woven into the curriculum, providing students with firsthand experiences of different work environments. In addition to engaging with major industry players like LMW, our students also embark on tours and research visits to various small and medium-scale industries in Coimbatore, broadening their perspectives and enhancing their learning journey.
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Explore your creativity by participating in design competitions, details of which will be communicated to students from time to time. At our Design Gurukul, learning unfolds through both structured and non-structured way. We actively explore the potential class projects for design registration or patent application when applicable.

Studio-Industrial visits

At DJAD, we believe in enriching your design education through practical experiences. As a part of our curriculum, we regularly organize visits to leading studios and industries. The Design Yatra is an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the work and environments of renowned creative studios. Some of the leading visits include Icarus Design, Foley Design, Elephant Design, Lemon Design, Vaibhav Studio, Kirloskar, TTK, Dovetail Furniture, and more. Step into the real-world design landscape and gain valuable insights during these immersive experiences.
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