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D’Source Corona Design Challenge Award


Industrial Design




Game Design

Vatsal Shah completed his UG Diploma in 2019 in Industrial Design from DJAD. He participated in the D’source Coronavirus Design Challenge competition (organised by IIT Bombay) in the second round under the Game Design stream. His entry was selected for the award in August 2020. Vatsal created the board game ‘Wreath’. Inspiration of this game was Snakes & Ladders. The game ‘Wreath’ was designed after conducting a brief study on various parts of the design process, which included the etymology. This game is all about how the virus spreads quickly and it also educates people on safety measures to end the spread of virus and at the same time engage people in an entertaining way.

He decorates the Wall of Fame by becoming the winner of the 3rd Round also in the Winners’ Category. Vatsal has designed a card game “Precaution”, which is suitable for children of around 5 years. This will help them to increase their level of concentration, help them to learn the value of time along with creating an awareness about hygiene related issues. Can be played solo or with 2 to 4 partners. The design submitted will also be published in a book which will be handed over to all the winners along with the trophy and certificate.